Switching SIM cards causes trouble with saving pictures and data

Currently I am using two SIM cards: SIM1 VodafoneDE in 4G mode and SIM2 T-MobileUS in 2G. For data I mostly use VodafoneDE. Whenever I go abroad (outside Germany) I use my T-MobileUS for data. Then I go to settings and mobile connectivity to switch VodafoneDE to 2G so I can use T-MobileUS in 4G. However lately I discovered that I get bad reception on the T-MobileUS SIM if I don’t switch them physically in the back.
Ever since then I couldn’t take any pictures with my camera, couldn’t download anything from What’sApp (messages, pictures etc), or sacet anything on my phone/SD card. Many apps stopped working. My phone often slowed down to a point where it rendered itself useless. Random reboots occurred about twice to five times daily. Today, two weeks after coming back from my trip I switched the SIM cards back again. Then, when everything worked fine again, I realized, that switching the SIM cards had caused these bugs all along. (Untill then I was under the impression, that my memory card was broken/had to be rest).
Consequently, I will never physically switch my SIM cards again. But how can I get better data reception abroad with my SIM card #2 ?

Could there be a problem with your SIM2 T-MobileUS card?
Perhaps it’s to old or it has wear and tear?

There could be a problem with the compatability of Fairphone and T-MobileUS. I don’t think it’s a defective SIM card though: I had it replaced about 1 year ago and it works fine if I switch phones (i.e. HTC One)

I can only think of the procedure getting the software all mixed up. Yes, all this switching is done by software, no need at all to physically switch cards.

Maybe keep a slightly different procedure when switching via software.
Like switching off one card while changing the others network and reboot at some point too.
Just my idea to this.

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