Switching from iPhone to Fairphone 2

Hi my Fairfriends! :grin:
I’m switching from iPhone to Fairphone and have some questions to the for me, total new Android world.

  1. the clock. Its not visible on the locked screen… how can i set it visable instead of the counter. ( i don’t care how long im offline…)
  2. every pressing shivers the phone! ugg… i was so frightend in the first second. so, how can i stop that?
  3. where are the account settings for Mail and calendars?
  4. how do i load music to my phone? :grinning: - i baught me a SD card and tried to connect the phone over usb. but my mac didn’t show any connection or drive in finder. then i found in setings some SD-Card options but nothing changed… can i make a music folder upon the sd-card with a sd-card-reader and just stick it back in the phone?
    Thanks a lot.
    Regards, novski

tap on the counter until the clock appears

settings > sounds & notifications
and settings > input > android keyboard

settings > accounts

You’ll need “Filetransfer for Mac”.

no, no. I whant to see the time on a quick glimpse… How can i configure to see the clock permanently?

Perfect the keyboard is now corrected, but the menus still shake… where do i stop all that shaking on pressure?

Hmm… yes i see imap for Mail but no CalDAV or maybe icloud? :innocent:

hooow. thanks for that. googled it and found a full android website with hints i wold never thaught about…
iPhone users have to disable iMessages else no SMS wil arrive. A friend reported that last evening, i didn’t mind it until i read that…

Thanks a lot!

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If you don’t tap it again after you set it to the clock it should stay there.

Sorry, I didn’t give you the full path before:

Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Other sounds > Vibrate on touch

You have to download the corresponding Apps before you can add different Accounts. But I doubt that iCloud will work on Android.

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For using CalDAV, you could use DAVDroid. I’m using it for more than a year now without any problems (Of course on my FP2 as well).

Edit: And as the description at Google Play says, you can sync iCloud with DAVDroid! Yay! :smile:

your right. i didn’t recognize that it stays. but its a bit unstable, don’t like… but well i will have to live with that then…

yep. thanks now all shivering is gone… :grin:

I will test that. maybe il change sligthly to gmail and google calendars…

now. one question regarding OSX. The transfair tool doesn’t connect with my phone. I tried to unlock and de/replug but i don’t get connection.
Are there any OSX users who can confirm that it should work?

Many Thanks!
Regards, Novski

I think you’ll have to unlock your phone in order to activate the data transfer.
AND you’ll have to config the correct USB mode. Just swipe from the top when USB is connected and there should be an option to change the USB mode. (In German, it’s called “Für mehr USB-Optionen berühren”). Tap this and check only one of the alternatives. I think MTP should be right.

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I think so too, in case it’s not right: uncheck all. That works for some.

Thanks for the Replys.
I checked that options in the “top down-swipe” menu but i don’t get any options here. It doesn’t seam to recognize a conneciton over all. I started my Parallels Win7 and also on Win10 it doesn’t even recognize it in the level of Parallels. So somehow it seams that OSX 10.11.2 does not recognize a connection at all.

Can you make me a printscreen of that connection icon? (by the way how do i make printscreens on Android)

Regards, Novski

Press at the same time the volumebutton down and the powerbutton.

ah. perfect, Thanks!

Im still haveing problems geting music on my phone…
I managed to find the MTP option for USB connection:
(For those who are searching… its not in the dropdown. On my phone its beneth the dropdown like a notification i have to press then a window appears where i can choose between some options. One is MTP.)

Now i sill have the problem that i inserted a larger sdcard with a folder called “music” and i wold like to get access from my nice music player. (i choosen the black player from playstore…)
but even in the Amaze File app i don’t see the sdcard.
How can i get access to the music on the sdcard…?

Thank, Novski

Hi novski,

I hope it is not too late. Have you already figured out how to access the external sd card? Anyway, here is an explanation for that: Before you can access the external sd card, you have to mount it. You can mount it inside the android settings: Go to settings > storage > External SD card: mount.
There should be different possibilities on how to mount it, I think (Unfortunately, my phone does not have a sdcard slot, so I can not tell…).
Once you have mounted the sdcard, it should be accessible in amaze under /storage/sdcard1 , I think.
And if you want to access the external sdcard in your music player, I think there should be a possibility in the music player settings to choose the storage location. Just search there. If the default music player does not have a possibility to play the music from the sdcard, then maybe try another music player.

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The website mentioned before is very good for making the transition from Apple to Android https://www.android.com/switch/ although I have a tip for other users re Contacts.

I followed their instructions and was getting nowhere with exporting vCards on Safari, so tried Chrome thinking it was more Google friendly but still couldn’t export my 500 contacts in one go, and I couldn’t face importing them manually (or tinkering with Terminal on my Mac) so I then tried in Firefox. Hey presto all contacts exported in one vCard which I loaded in one batch to Gmail.

Day 6 of Fairphone 2 and loving it :slight_smile:


if you are loking on using icloud with FP2 you can do it with DAVdroid from F-Droid store…

I went through the same process. Switching from iphone/ios to FP2/Android is such a pain. In the end it made me set up a brand new google account and leave icloud for good. the total lack of interoperability (?) is quite frustrating. Still not sure what to do about my audiobooks…
good luck!

Interestingly, I had lots of trouble doing the opposite, ie putting some audio files on a friend’s iphone. I concluded this to be impossible. Can you really have music on an sdcard and play it on an iphone ?