Switching Fairphone OS to Fairphone Open


I have a problem with my Fairphone when I try to switch to Fairphone OS to Fairphone Open.

My phone is :

On the build FP2-gms-18.01.1 release-keys
On Android 6.0.1

The procedure I follow to update the OS is:

  1. Open the file “fp2-sibon-18.01.1-ota-userdebug.zip” with Amaze

  2. Click on the button “Restart”, then I have a pop-up with “Update of the Android system”

  3. Then the phone restart and I have the green Android robot in black screen with the sentence “Installation of the update…”

  4. After a few seconds the robot fall and I have a red exclamation point road sign and the sentence “Error!”

  5. Then the phone restart on the Fairphone OS system like nothing happen.

Do you know what to do? :confused:

Sorry for my bad English, this is not my mother tongue, tell me if something is not clear.


There are two fouls on the play :wink: … wrong file, wrong procedure …


The guide still links to the 17.12.1 switcher file, but says you should then unzip the fp2-sibon-18.01.1-manual-switcher.zip, so download that in the first place.

Alternatively, there should be some link in the Updater App (don’t know that, never used it, sorry) for advanced or experienced users which would let you switch to Fairphone Open OS without doing too much manually. Or perhaps try to open the switcher file with the Updater App directly.

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You better open the file “fp2-sibon-18.01.1-ota-userdebug.zip” with TRWP.
Power off and then start TWRP, using TWRP on the Fairphone 2.


@Lidwien has a point, I use TWRP for updates myself, even if it means more work.
But if you want to switch OSes that way, do yourself a favour and do a really clean install of the OS … else if you run into any trouble later, you’ll think “Ok, I could have made a clean install from the start to rule out problems with the switching process, why didn’t I do this?” :wink: .

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