Switch off LED-light?

Is there any possibility to switch off the LED-light (showing the battery stat) at night?

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I’ve completely disabled the LED on my rooted phone, using XPosed and GravityBox. It’s the only way I know of doing it.

Is your FP2 rooted?

Edit: as this thread’s been linked to from elsewhere, here’s a step by step:

  1. Root FP2:
    a. install Fairphone Open
    b. Go to settings > About phone
    c. Tap repeatedly on ‘Build number’ until a toast appears that says ‘Congrats you are now a developer’
    d. In the main settings screen, go to ‘Developer options’
    e. Tap ‘root access’ and select ‘Apps and ADB’
  2. Install Xposed Framework, available from F-Droid or Google Play Store
  3. In the Xposed app, install the framework and reboot your phone
  4. Open the Xposed app, go to ‘Download’ and search for and install ‘GravityBox [N]’ (for FP2)
  5. Reboot phone
  6. Open Gravitybox app, go to ‘Power tweaks’
  7. Tap ‘Battery Charging LED’ and select ‘Disabled’

It’s not rooted. There is no other way?


Hö hö. Very funny! I will execute it. That helps too…

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I got used to it, and I’m still doing that, still with the same box of matches, and it still works.

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I put down the phone with the display facing down, works for me :wink:


Not as far as I know. You can try some of the dodgy battery LED apps from the Play Store, but no guarantees.

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