Sustainable? Camera not working / replacement not sent

I purchased the new FP2 camera in December and was pleased with the result, but a couple of weeks ago it failed. I’ve sent numerous requests to Support, assuming I should be eligible for a replacement, but have had no response.

As I am going away this week and want a camera with me, I gave up and just ordered a replacement camera at my own expense. I paid for next-day delivery, but five days later it has still not been dispatched. Requests for more information to Support have likewise been ignored. Will a post here change that?

It’s a shame that I only come to these forums to complain about FP2’s quality and support, as I am a huge supporter of the project. But as every single component I have ordered so far has failed in some way (this is my third phone body, on its second microphone and third battery already), I can’t justify it as “sustainable” in any meaningful way. I am close to spending more on fixing it (and producing more waste) than on a new phone: when that line is crossed, I’m increasingly likely to bow out.

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No. This is a community forum and not a place to reach support. To speed things up call them with your ticket number at hand. You can find their number at #contactsupport

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I like your spirit in coping with so many failures.
With regard to sustainability I would like to point out the fact, that - in my opinion - Fairphone as a small company has not the means to perform quality checks and testing of parts as much as the standard global players. Therefore the risk of a faulty batch of displays etc. making it to the customer is higher. That leads to a corresponding higher error rate and the need to change parts for Fairphoners. At the factories of Apple/Samsung/Huawei/… phones whole batches of faulty parts are going straight to recycling (hopefully).
In the end the waste quantity might be the same, but only for Fairphone it’s visibly happening here in Europe, under the customers eye, while for all the others it’s happening in asian factories.

I would even suspect, that the amount of wasted parts could be higher at Apple and Samsung factories. Why?
When they check a batch of newly arrived displays and testing shows the error rate to be higher than acceptable for them, they surely will turn down the whole batch, even though not all displays might be defective. (Those displays might end up in fake Apple-phones, at the recycling plant or on the dump - possibly in Africa.)
When Fairphone uses a faulty batch of displays for their phones, only those display of the batch that are really defective will be wasted, while those that are working fine will be kept.
I might be wrong here of course, especially when Apple and the like are testing every single part beforehand.


I couldn’t find the number before as it didn’t appear to be on the website, but I found it in an old support email. As it is definitely the best way to contact them, here are the current numbers:

✆ EN & NL +31 20 788 4400
✆ FR +33 1 7020 0024
✆ DE +49 69 6640 4302

These are good points, thank you.

Those are the same ones I linked to above. :wink:

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