Surviving until Android 7 (just a note)

My Fp2 with FPOS isnt working smoothly as it used to, in recent weeks I got an expanding array of issues, from current memory issues to sudden system freezes and unexplicable reboots I once did not expect. I think it has to do with a growing inability in managing the available current memory

I hope the release of the new OS will solve most of these problems cos at the moment I cant work with my FP anymore.

You might consider doing a factory reset and reinstallation of the apps you need…


Or install #software:alt-lineageos. Instant Android 8 with great performance improvement.


Thank you, yea the factory reset didnt bring back the performance and I ve been thinkkng about Lineage, dunno if Im up to it.I ll be waiting for the major release and then decide how to proceed.
Thank you both :*