Supported usb display modes?

I am trying to figure out why 3d mode doesn’t work. I can get standard 1080p but when I switch to 3d (3840 × 1080) I get no output. In theory it should work

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Could you please elaborate a little bit more detailed, what device you are connected to what trying to switch to ‘3d’?

These are AR type glasses, specifically the Rokkid Air and Viture Pro, They both display in 3d using using 3840 x1080 video reolution also know as 1080p SBS. This is the first device I have tried that uses display alt mode (video of USB) that doesn not work in this mode. So I working if the fairphone has a missing modeline, I haven’'t been even able to find a list or range of video resolutions that the device supports

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I am not sure if ARcore is the issue as AR works fine. The issue is with the display mode, they are using sbs so it doesn’t need any fancy encoding of frame packed video.

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