Support team not answering for 6 weeks now

Hi to the forum,
I contacted the team on 21 May (Request #517755). About two weeks later I received a first reply asking for photos. I sent the photos a day later and since then … nothing. Unfortunately, I have been waiting for a response from support for 6 weeks now. My problem is not really urgent, but nevertheless I had expected a little faster help. Have you been waiting for a similar amount of time for an answer? Or can I assume that my request has somehow been forgotten?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You will find quite a number of similar concerns. I’ve asked if this can be redirected to one of those, where a) you can see you are not alone and b) you can see what advice there is, rather than repeating it all again here.

All the best.
You don’t say what phone you have and indicating the problem may help direct you to other useful info

If this is moved soon I will find a link or two for you.

@rae: Can you pick this up and check back with the team, please?

Thank you for your answer.
I have a FP3+, but that doesn’t really matter for my problem. My FP works fine, but the FP3 protective case is so stretched by now that I can no longer use it because the FP is falling out of the case. My sister has the same problem. In the forum we have already found out that this is also the case with many others, who have therefore contacted the support team. That’s exactly what we tried to do almost two months ago…

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That would be fine. Thank you very much, AnotherElk and rae.

Yes same here with case. Been around 4 months since I contacted them, Had a response, sent pictures etc. another email 2 months later ~ nothing.

Strange I had a lot of other issues with different companies and then four months of emails both received and sent disappeared ??

As far as the case goes I use double sided tape to hold the phone secure

I have just received a reply from support :slightly_smiling_face: . Many thanks to amoun, AnotherElk, rae and the team.


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