Support Taking Xmas Break?

My partner’s FP3+ got damaged over Xmas and we’ve submitted a request to have it repaired under warranty. We’ve gotten automatic replies but no reply otherwise.

Obviously I totally understand if staff are taking holiday time - I’d just like to know when we can expect them to be back, for the sake of continuity.

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It’s hard to say from here. But I always experienced a very (not to say extremely) long delay when contacting support.

What kind of damage does the phone show? With a bit of luck and the support of forum members, it might come back to work again.


Thanks for the reply. When dropped, the screen went totally black but the LCD is working and it still makes connect/disconnect sounds when the charger cable is attached/removed.

I myself have a FP3 so I took them both apart and briefly swapped screens (without screws) and turned them on. With the 3+ screen on my phone the display was still black and with my screen on the 3+ phone the display was coloured static.

So I think it’s something that the repair folk might have to look into.

Actually just putting the display without properly screwing and clipping together will most likely not give you any reliable troubleshoot and I guess when you unclip and unscrew your display and turn on the FP you would see the same result as on your wife’s FP, i.e. most likely a display replacement would solve your issue, however, breaking something by dropping is no warranty case in my eyes.

Edit: Fairphone 3 not starting / display most of the time black / how to find out what's broken? - #2 by urs_lesse

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You mean the LED, right? The LED is the tiny “lamp” that blinks in red/green/white/blue depending on usage. LCD would suggest a display.


Yep, I meant the LED.

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