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my fairphone 3 is broken, loading does not work anymore. I still have guarantee, it needs to be repaired but the support does not respond.

As I need my phone urgently, what possibilities do I have? Can I send back the phone before contacting the support? Where to? Can I get back my money to buy another phone?

I also have a broken laptop currently, I send it back the day the problem occurred, it will be repaired within 12 days. I don’t expect every support to be like this, but there has to be some information what to do in such a case and how long the process will take. I need a phone, I don’t have it to play games.

I think it was quiet a stupid decision to buy a fairphone, is there a way to get back my money, at least a part of it?


You cant sent back without a label as it will be linked to the repairorder. You can try to call support, sometimes it helps to speed up the process

I assume you have the phone longer than 2 weeks? Than I dont see that you would have a chance to get the money back.

Do you happen to have someone or an Fairphoneangel close that could charge your battery ,as first aid workaraound?

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… with a fitting universal smartphone battery charger perhaps …


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So when and how did you contact Fairphone. Usually there is a response in that you will receive a ticket number. Are you saying you have not had any acknowledgment of that you have had no practicle advise, just the generic ~ we hope to get back in five days?

Regarding not being able to charge ~ check the following

  • Using a magnifying glass check the usb port for debris and carefully remove any with a needle maybe
  • Try other cables and chargers
  • Does the LED light show red or yellow wehn you plug in the charger.
  • Do a spin test on the battery to see if it is OK
  • You can remove the bottom module and check it’s contacts are clean and making contact
  • Whilst checing the bottom module check for water or dampness by checking the indicators.

The above with take some hours to check but then you may be waiting many days for anything usefull from Fairphone.

Search the forum for the issues I suggest here’s one that shows the water indicator :frowning:


You might try to sell it second hand and buy a different device.

Hi amoun,

thanks a lot for your response!

We already tried some of the things you suggest. In the beginning, cleaning helped and holding the cable in a certain position. But it got worse with time and now we dont even have any LED light. We also removed the bottom module to check if there is anything wrong we can detect, we cleaned it and could recharge it one more time, but this is no solution.

The battery is okay I think. An the phone had no contact with water.

I tried to call fairphone on October 2nd but did not succeed, the number seems to be wrong. I opened an issue on October 4th and got a confirmation mail, but nothing else. I try calling again today.

What I don’t understand: If I have warranty, dont they HAVE to take care of the case? I had other devices that quitted working, but I always got answers and of course offers to repair the device. Fairphone seems to ignore the warranty.

I dont want to repair it myself (I have another fairphone, 2, without warranty, I will try to repair it, but not the new one. It’s not my job in my opinion).

Thanks a lot!

P.S. And of course we tried other cables and chargers.

Of course it is not your job to repair under warranty, however as this is not a walk-in shop Fairphone may ask you to do various checks as mentioned which may even included resetting the phone if you can get it powered on.

If you have no luck after a second call you may like to raise the ticket with a Fairphone, it is possible via this forum in rather exceptional circumstances. Still although it is 7 days since you received confirmation, with a ticket number, that isn’t very long regarding Fairphone’s ability to respond in any practical way.

All the best

But why should I do this? I still have warranty. I think that means that they either have to repair it or give my money back.

I installed skype and called the support via skype (no idea why it did not work via my phone). the call cost 0,25 Euro for 7,5 minutes.

And everything was as to be expected in a warranty case. They accepted the case and dealt with it immediatly.

I will send in the phone to be repaired.

I try to remember to give an update here on how long it took and whether everything is okay after repair!


You’re completely right.
I just mentioned the option because you’d asked

Hi. I know it doesn’t help your problem, but the support doesn’t reply to me either. I have a ticket number and we had a correspondence, but they stopped replying for about two weeks ago. I keep writing to them, but nothing… I just want to have my phone fixed. What’s going on there?

Likewise. My phone died a month ago. At first I was getting good support but as soon as I sent my proof of purchase conversation went dead. Eventually I called, spoke to a brilliant and helpful guy named Ruben who sorted out a return request then sent a few further messages via Zendesk. I was told to expect an email from Cordon Electronics within 24 hours. It’s now been 9 days and no email. I’ve contacted Fairphone Support again via Zendesk and again no reponse.

I hope I don’t regret the decision to do my bit towards helping the planet…

Ah, okay, then you got me wrong. I did not ask if there is a way to get at least a bit money for the phone. I want to return the phone and get back the full prize in case they cannot repair it. That’s what was offered to me for a broken headset (also a lose connection). I think they have to do it.

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Hi Benjamin, I also still got no email with informion where to send the phone. the kind lady told me she would send it immediately …

We have a second fairphone, a fairphone 2 and had/have a lot of problems with it. Currently I try to bring it back to life, but it seems to eat batteries, microphones and cables. After all this trouble I told my family not to get a second fairphone, but they insisted … I guess a smarthone that lasts for more than 5 years like our motorola is better than fairphones that force me to buy a new one soon.

For myself I only use old smartphones others don’t want anymore. I never bought a new one. Thats better than a fairphone. My opinion.

Exactly. If I don’t get anywhere with support then I’ll be buying preloved/secondhand phones from here on. Hoping we both get a fix soon. :wink:

is it normal to wait weeks for getting an answer?

I moved your post to this latest discussion around support times. So yes they still seem to have backlog and respond slow.

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Thank you. I had already placed an order and asked support if I could change the payment method. Whether that is possible or cancel and order again.

now it’s good. my order has been cancelled.

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I promised to tell you how it turned out.

I called a second time to ask for the return label they wanted to send me. The issue was again delayed. But after that, everything went well. We sent in the phone, it was repaired and sent back within a week or so. The phone works well again.

The only thing I don’t understand: They deleted the content of the phone and upgraded the software, although it was not necessary (there was only hardware to be replaced). Since we couldn’t make a backup of the phone (we couldnt turn it on) this was not funny. Luckily we had a somewhat older backup, so we got back most of the content.

So it took about 1,5 month to have the phone repaired. If I had called the support immediately and again called them after the issue went to sleep again, it would have taken 2 weeks max. My conclusion is not to use the contact form in urgent cases.