Support facing a longer reply time--what's the current queue length?

I had to open a support ticket because my display module has stopped working completely. The confirmation email stated that “We are currently facing a longer reply time.” I remember there was a thread on this forum somewhere that kept us updated on the current queue length (number of support tickets that had not been resolved). Of course I have searched, but either I’m not using the proper keywords or such a thread no longer exists. :wink:
Anyway, does anybody know how long it currently takes for support to respond? FWIW, I’ve ticked the “High impact - I cannot use the phone at all” option. :wink:

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If you want to quicken things up by calling, #contactsupport has all the info.

Last update was here …

Pinging @Monica.Ciovica .


Don’t hesitate to pick up a (working) phone and call! I’ve always gotten quick, friendly help by phone, to either know where my ticket was in the queue or to resolve issues like missing information and push it along a little. This was in English, YMMV if you call a different line.

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