Support / Customer Care Enhancements


I’m sorry but I have to write this.

I’ve already opened 4 tickets to the Support site but all of them still are unanswered.
I don’t want to return my phone, but I’m scared by this level of support.
You must improve this.
I have defective LCD screen, compass problems, camera loses focus, bluetooth music streaming isn’t working…

If you don’t answer in time for the 14 day returning timeline, well, I’ll return the phone.

Sorry about that.

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I know, Support isn’t answering but the community can’t help you with this either.

We can’t improve anything.

I’m summoning @anon48893843. Maybe he can get your support tickets answered.

You have got the point, anyway. And it’s a problem that can hurt the
community as well in the long term.
Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


Hey @Shadrac

Our apologies for not replying to your request earlier. Our support team is currently way too late in answering tickets, because of a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are things that are out of our control (like a flu epidemic, delays with our production), but we have also made mistakes - like misjudging the amount of support requested.

It isn’t because of our lack of trying though - we are working very hard and long to try to help as much as possible! We are currently making improvements, like expanding the team and improving our efficiency.

I’m making sure your emails get answered today.


Hi @anon48893843,

I would thank you for your help!!

Now I’m sending back for DOA my phone, as I said to the support, take your time with my next phone, I’m not in a hurry :wink:

Good Luck with all your problems.

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Thanks: good to hear! And thanks for understanding.

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Well, I have to give the guys some credit. I contacted support twice now, once in September I think and once in January, both times about the same issue (color of the phone). And yes, the first time the response was faster, but the second time was still fine for me, as it also was no high priority case. But I have to say, that I rarely experienced such straightforward and easy support from any company. I got much more than I asked for and this leaves me with a very good feeling :slight_smile:
And from a lot of other threats on the forum I am also hearing a lot of hail for the quality of the support offered. Most people seem to be very happy with the way their requests are being handled. And I think in the long run that is a very important aspect if I want to maximize the livespan of my phone as much as possible (and I intent to do that!! :slight_smile: )