Suggestions for Support Article on Transfering your data to your new FP3/FP3+

Dear support, dear community,

some ideas for this article: FP3(+). Transfer your data to your new Fairphone – Support
It sais for 3. “Restore your data” :
[In case you didn’t restore the data during setup]: “Manually when you have completed the Setup. Go to SettingsSystemBackup → switch the toggle Back up to Google Drive and make sure you do this from the Google account that contains your backup. This will synchronize your data.”
→ turned out this doesn’t work a lot of the times for e.g. app data when you skipped the process during the setup and want migrate data later.
Google Support says:
“Some data can only be restored when you set up your device, such as app data, settings data, and messages. To restore this data, reset your device to factory settings and then go through the Android setup process.”
Back up your device - Android - Google One Help
→ might be helpful to include this info/ link to the support article :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @dalojplts Being a community forum, not an offcial support mechanism any changes you would like made to the ‘Fairphone’ article, you link to, would require you to contact Fairphone officially and ask them to consider your observations.

Try emailing them > support/at/fairphone/./com

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