Suggestions for installing apps previously paid for on G00gle Play Store

Hi folks,

I have been using FPOOS for a few months now and, in general, am getting on well with it. However, I have a particular app that I’m really missing - it uses bespoke file types that would be a massive pain to convert to use an alternative app - and I am wondering whether anyone can suggest a way for me to get this app without using GAPPS.

I can provide more detail about the app if necessary but I’m wondering if anyone has any trusted providers for these. I appreciate that this topic is bordering on piracy here, but this is not what I am looking to do, and I realise I could get the app from a pirate site but I don’t really want to if I can help it, plus I don’t trust the sources.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, there is a way.

  1. install F-Droid
  2. from F-Droid install Yalp Store (which basically delivers contents from the Google Play Store)
  3. log in to Yalp Store with the Google account from which you bought the app - disclaimer: this is ILLEGAL because it does not conform with Google’s whatever (Yalp Store’s Github page will give you the correct and whole information, look at the FAQs in the README file)
  4. download the app

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