Suggestion: Protective Case in Blue


I would like to see the Protective Case in other colours, especially in blue.
Black is boring (standard) and green is not my favourite colour.
Would love to see it in blue.

I am not sure if this here is the right place to suggest.
Or should I create a support ticket, so the idea goes directly to Fairphone?`
I am very new here, so I have to understand the structures…

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You could be interested in this (rather lengthy) thread

I guess, there will be no other colors sometime soon, unfortunately.


Sad, because Frosty (Translucent) and Blue were also voted very much.

I think translucent may be difficult given the make of using recycled/bio plastics but blue may be possible. But you could get one made, though I have no understanding of the material plastic/rubber . . .

There are a number of posts that address the idea of making your own . . .


Just a guess/speculation (with quite a bit of wishful thinking):

Fairphone will sell the black and green protective case until their stocks are depleted, then they might produce blue and orange ones (runner-ups in the 2020 voting). This would again offer both a solid/conservative/unobtrusive option as well as a vivid eyecatcher. Plus blue is kind of the Fairphone company colour. The idea of a translucent case seems much more unlikely now since the FP3+ came out in an all opaque body (so things have changed significantly after the 2020 poll closed).

I actually believe it is not necessary that Fairphone “always offers colour X”, it is fully ok if they change the available colours every now and then. People can still swap if they are really dying for one that is “out of print”. Of course, there are also reasons why my pure speculation might never materialize. For example, the current colours might just sell so well (I always thought that green was probably desired by many since day 1 of the FP1) that Fairphone just won’t take the risk of discontinuing and replacing them with others.

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