Suggesting knowledge graph

I imagine searching in and adding knowledge to the forum would greatly improve if we could have some kind of centralized flow chart, based upon the programming inside the phones.
I mean it would shorten message lengths and needless topic threads complexity and duplication, if we could just link up our contributions at the approprate place in this flow chart right away.
E.g. many in many posts we need to repeat if…then logic that is already in place in the software or firmware. Instead of having to duplicate this logic in a new thread trying to answer a question, we could directly refer to this main flow chart and in one go append the question to the root location of an answer in this chart.
Even better, the person who has the question, would have already added it there, if not someone else already did.
I beg your pardon if ’flow chart’ is not the right term. Maybe ’knowledge structure’ would be more appropriate.
Fondness for text writing put aside, I would prefer to browse this knowledge base in a graphic representation (pan and zoom), with verbal search playing a secondary role.
I think this would make the essential information emerge more rapidly. For both serving current users ànd future Fairphone development.

Yes I can imagine improvements as I find this discuss forum rather messy but I’m getting used to it and have better things to do that to make or encourage other to make improvements for my benefits.

As for pan and zoom and verbal search, that’s way off my radar :slight_smile:

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Is it something like the self-diagnosis tool Fairphone offers on their support pages (Find & fix an issue yourself – Support) but being managed and extended by the community?

Interesting :smiley: To me, this forum is basically the first in >20 years that I find well organized :laughing:
Want to see real messy? Have a look at the /e/ forum :wink:

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I’m just probably stuck with the more conventional and simple forum style that I’ve been using and run multiple websites on ~ part of a cms/blog engine really ~ ~ other blog engines are available :slight_smile:

The e foundation forum appears to be just another discuss forum. What fun.

Yes that may work :slight_smile:

Thank you Amoun and Ingo for tuning in. I do agree the support link Amoun suggested is among the best ones I know of, too. So my suggestion was merely a wish to improve further than it was an immediate demand :slight_smile: . I was thinking about an interactive common mind map looking like the stuff you find on Just dreaming that this would make it easier to immediately add a question or suggestion on the right spot, if you could just zoom in and link up to what is already there. Combining the individual ants’ work with the helicopter view. Thank you for chatting, but for now, I’ll stick with Ingo’s suggestion to try and get my 3,6 V battery level higher up, so my FP 2 will notice there actually is a battery in there, lol! Best regards from a - you guessed it - newbie :slight_smile:


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