Suddenly no sound anymore!


I’ve got the FP1 since two weeks only, and didn’t have any problems until now: Suddently today evening I noticed at one moment that it hadn’t any sound at all …!!! Only vibration, no ring, no notification sounds, no music, no video sound, even not with headphones, NOTHING !

…Can someone tell me something about it?

Also, one thing I noticed and thought first as newbie that it was normal: On the top right of the screen there is a permanently changing display of the applications/processes in activity (I guess…, like ““system_server”, “surfacefinger”, kworker/0:0”, etc.) with sometimes above of it at the very top right green and red big “lines”.

I can tell futher: I installed in the last days following apps: Battery Doctor, Clean Master, CM Browser, CM Security, Youtube, TouchPal, Maps.

Dumb question maybe, but isn’t the volume simply turned all the way down? As for the info shown on the screen, maybe it’s something related to the developer tools. Go into settings > developer options and turn that off with the big on/off switch at the top right of the screen.


Hahaha! Of course not :wink: Either on the button left of the phone or in the parameters, everything is correctly turned on. It’s totally weird.

And thanks for the developpers options, I didn’t think about it, it’s fixed!

No further answers ? Am I the first one with this problem? I sent a message to the support, and I hope I won’t have to send back my phone…

It’s quite bad because since two weeks I only speak good about my phone, try to “spread the world” about how this project is important, the people look at it and mostly find that it is a very nice phone too ! And now after two weeks no sound anymore.

The message remains important, faulty phone or not :smile: As for the replies, give it some time so more people can read it and think about it.

Have you tried plugging in ear phones? Do you get sound that way?

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Yes, you’re right. But for the others who are only interested to know if this phone works or not, it is not really…

Yes too, as I wrote already first I tried with headphones too. Also no sound was coming out :disappointed:

It might be a software fault. Since it seems that sound has been working for you, I suggest doing a hard reset (carful, this will erase all your data, do a backup first!). Read around a bit on the forum to see how to do this (little magnifying glass above).

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Thank you too for your answer, I thought about such option too. Are you a Fairphone’s technician ?

And yes, it was working totally fine until then. I wouldn’t know how to do a backup …from contacts, sms, whatsapp, installed apps …I’ll try to find out.

No, I am not a FP technician, I am just a community moderator.

I do my backups through adb, but also the app Titanium Backup is quite powerful. @humorkritik can tell more about this app.

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Yep, can do. It’s a powerful backup app, which could even backup/restore system apps (including the system-app like Google apps). I wrote this elsewhere already, I advise to do a full backup, but restore only non-system apps after a reset, and do it one by one. Best chance to avoid trouble, I think.

You will find out more about Titanium Backup online, and there are videos on yt even which show how it works.


Thanks a lot ! And how should I do a “hard reset” then ?

@pariggi Go to and search for “hard reset”. The first result is the one to go! :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

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Oh my Gosh! Why am I the first Fairphone use to whom it happens ?! And the Fairphone support who still didn’t answer…

But thanks for everything, I’m a bit afraid to do this (back up and hard reset) and need time to do it. I’ll let you know if the sound comes back.

Merry Xmas too !

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I have to apologize everybody here. I deinstalled/removed three apps from the Fairphone - Maps, Batterry Doctor & Clean Master - and after turning off the phone and let him have a night break, the sound is there again !!!

…Don’t know which one of these apps caused the problem and how exactly, but I’m happy again. The only dark point of this: After several days, the Fairphone support didn’t answer at all…

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@pariggi It is nice to hear, you have sound again. It would be quite interesting to know, which of the apps caused the problem, but on the other hand, don’t fiddle around, if it works for you now! :slight_smile:

It is Christmas Holidays and I think it is ok for the little support team to have a break. They are back in office on Dec. 29th, 2014.