Subscription model for fairphone products


Supporting the software on fairphones takes a lot of work and i’d like to have a way to support this. Do you have any plans on introducing a way of purchasing a fairphone like X EUR for the device and Y EUR a month for continued software development?

Welcome to our community :slight_smile: Just in case: Fairphone employees are rather seldom to be seen on this forum, so if you want to feed something into the company, contacting them through the official channels might make sense instead.

I’m not meaning to stifle discussion here though. The first thing that comes to my mind regarding your suggestion is (Fairphone partner company) Commown’s Fairphone rental & extra service plan. However, it does not contribute to Fairphone software development, so it’s not really what you have in mind.


Well, they write on their homepage:

F&E für eine längere Lebensdauer Commown investiert regelmäßig in Forschung und Entwicklung, um Geräte zu verbessern und ihre Lebensdauer zu verlängern.

(Deepl: R&D for longer life Commown regularly invests in research and development to improve equipment and extend its life.)


Because I was wondering something similar to @ehrt74. However, it is not clear to me which R&D they support. Do you know something more about this?

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