Stylus for FP1: specifications question


I’m looking for stylus for my FP1.
What specifications does it need to have to work properly?
I wouldn’t want to buy one to find it doesn’t work :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help!

It needs to be one that supports capacitive touch screens. However, due to the many issues with the touch screen of FP1 it might also work worse than expected with a supported stylus. For instance, I’ve built a stylus myself from household materials. This stylus worked imperfectly on other phones but hardly worked on my Fairphone 1. On the other hand, a stylus which is integrated in a pen that I tried works perfectly.

Thanks for your fast answer.

What I gather from what you say is that it needs to be designed for capacitive touch screens AND that I have to be lucky because even then it might not work… :frowning:

Do you recall the brand or anything that could lead me to the pen-integrated one that worked?


No, that’s not exactly what I meant. My little story was meant to convey that the FP1’s touch screen is not stellar but it works with a professional stylus. I think if you buy a stylus, it should work.

Actually, now that I’ve tried again with a stylus, I think that the stylus works better than using your finger.

Ok, that’s reassuring.
Perhaps what happened is that you tried it prior to the patch that kixed many touchscreen issues.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support: now I know what to ask for.

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