Stuck in sideload mode during upgrade

After having my FP1U trying to upgrade it self for a couple of weeks I decided to go for the manual route. Everything went fine until I came to the “Wipe cache partition”. Then I think I managed to press the wrong button, and now it is telling me "Now send the package you want to apply to the device with "adb sideload "… and I cannot find any way to get back to the menu.
What will happen if I just take out the battery? Or are there any other ways to get back to the main menu?
(I can accept having go back to maintenance menu to wipe, or even do it manually, on the other hand, I do not want to risk to brick my phone)

Your phone won’t be bricked. Take your battery out, put it back in, and go to recovery mode again (entering the correct menu this time! ;)).

The only way would be to actually sideload a package. So for you, there is no other way.

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Thanks, I got that impression after googlig around a bit, but would like to be sure. Up and running 1.8.5 - seems to work great.