Stuck in installing LineageOS 17 for MicroG on FP3, using Linux Mint 20.1c

Dear fellow users of FairPhone,

Today I was brave enough to install LineageOS for MicroG on my FP3 by following these guides:
1 LineageOS for microG
2 Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki
3 ✏ [ALPHA] FP3/FP3+: Complete guide for installing LineageOS

After sorting stuff out, like installing adb and Fatsboot on Linux Mint 20.1c, and unclocking the OEM with Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 3 - Fairphone instead of using the ‘old’ methode* here ✏ FP3: unlock the bootloader, I was able to move on. With the (un)surprising result, that I have now fully access to a fresh FP3 with LineageOS as Recovery methode. The only problem that I have now is that the WiFi keeps turning itself off.

*The old methode did not provide my a correct code. I have tried this methode twice, once before and after resetting the FP3.

But now I am stuck at the Preinstall instructions of Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki

  1. Download the file from here.
  2. Sideload the package:

And I am also stuck at steps 5.6.1 and 2, of ✏ [ALPHA] FP3/FP3+: Complete guide for installing LineageOS :

  1. Navigate to Factory reset → Format data/factory reset
  2. Now, navigate back to the main menu and choose Apply update → Apply from ADB

My question are:
A) Do I have to do the Preinstall instructions, because those are not mentioned on 3 ✏ [ALPHA] FP3/FP3+: Complete guide for installing LineageOS
B) How do I apply step 5.6.1 and 2?
C) Do I have to do something else, before turning my FP3 into a brick? Because some guides only refer to Windows, and I am using Linux Mint 20.1c…


I don’t understand fully… You’re already running LOS, or did you only install recovery?
In the end, I’d just follow one instruction, and not mix them. I think the wiki should be more up to date than a topic tagged with alpha, as we’re past alpha here.
As i understand the description for the copy partition step, this cannot do harm. Might be not necessary in your case, but still better applied than not.
And I’d say it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it on windows or Linux, as it only needs adb and fastboot. In Linux, no need to apply usb drivers, but you might run into permission problems. If you’re not sure with permissions, you might add a leading sudo in front of all adb/fastboot commands (though I’m cringing of my own advice here… :slight_smile: )


Hum, sorry for the miscommunication. What I try to say with this quote above, FP3 turns on to Android Q, with LineageOS as recovery methode. Thus LineageOS is not installed, only the recovery methode of LineageOS is used, in stead of TWRP…

I have ‘combined’ them, because one fills the gap for the other and visa versa. Like, unlocking the OEM was succesfull with ✏ [ALPHA] FP3/FP3+: Complete guide for installing LineageOS, but Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki adds teh Preinstall instruction, that lacks in the first. But I got your point: Follow just one. When stuck, ask.

But that is not my question. What are, are:


I had a look at the copy partition zip. So, if your phone is new, it could be helpful, as one doesn’t know what happens to be on the inactive slots. If you’ve been updating your prime, the the slots should be fine (except, probably, if you just made the upgrade to the newer android version, the the inactive slot might contain some older software versions). On the other hand, it doesn’t do harm if toy perform that step. The link is hidden in “here” in that sentence in 1, you can download it. Step 2 is just as written. In recovery, choose “sideload”, in your system start the command as specified

Thanks for helping the donkey out of its problem…

On following just one guideline, the following is up to date …

Although my FP3 is now 1+ year old, thus used for over a year, I just did a full factory reset. Then I followed the guideline, but I got stuck on to sideload the file under “here” in Preinstall step 1.

Whoops, I had USB debugging off and thus Verify apps over USB too, and I was not in recovery mode…

Hum, after finishing the guide Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki succesfully, but got the error from LineageOS that the OS was corrupted, and a factory reset via Recovery Mode (without doing the reinstall), I have now a fully working FP3 LineageOS 17.1.

It is now updating it, by downloading 650MB over the WiFi. Despite the error, I think I have a fully working LineageOS. Because FP3 uses two slots for the same OS, is it possible that the error message of corrupted OS was for one slot, but FP3 uses the OS in the other slot?

Does this correct itself, or do I have to reinstall LineageOS?

An initial factory reset coming from another ROM is normal. It can’t work with the old data/encryption

It seem indeed that I have a fully working FP3 with LineageOS 17.1. From boot to use, I see the following:
1 FairPhone powered by Android
2 Bootloader is unlocked
3 FairPhone powered by Android (again)
4 LineageOS

I have read that it is not adviced to lock the bootloader (2) with LineageOS? Is that correct?

Depends. For security reasons it’s good. If you didn’t root your version. And probably not that easy. But there are success stories in the los thread. Just check it out and see whether this looks manageable to you

I also have Lineage for MicroG, and I have locked my bootloader.
It’s fairly easy, it’s just a “fastboot oem lock”, and you’re done.
You should just be aware of the fact that locking (as well as unlocking) the bootloader does come a factory reset.


Thus re-locking trickers (sic, pun intended) a factory reset? Good to know, but it is Pesach Holidays. Time enough, I hope…

It did, whoop, whoop. (Including the reset, bummer)

What that I have to do was following step 4 of the offical guide of FP3(+) on Manage the bootloader of your FP3/FP3+ – Support

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