Stuck at "Starting android..."/"Android wird gestartet..."

after todays OTA update (14.1-20180418) my phone boots up until it shows “Android wird gestartet…” (starting Android).

I already tried reflashing it manually (once with the latest version, once with last weeks version, both times wiping cache/dalvik) but nothing changed.

Of course, I could start from scratch (I assume), but I would like to avoid the hassle of reconfiguring everything. Any ideas?

EDIT: Pressing the power button leads to a normal menu showing up (Power off/Restart/Airplane mode), so i can boot into bootloader or recovery without any problem.

I had to pull out the battery to even get to TWRP

but then I was sucessfull in reflashing the update… (after some tries)
BTW: I had this trouble again with some other version, again: had to pull the battery out, maybe you try this aswell.

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To continue my little story:

I made a backup using twrp and did a factory reset. Afterwards SystemUI and Calendar continuously crashed rendering the system unusable (I couldn’t even click “next”).
To make things worse, I was no longer able to boot into recovery/bootloader.

AT THIS POINT I read your answer removed the battery and I could boot back into TWRP.

Once again I did a factory reset, reflashing the latest LOS file (just to be safe :D). After checking that it was booting up fine, I restored the data partition from by backup and my system was back on track.

Had I pulled out my battery earlier I might have saved quite some time. Definitely what I would try first next time.

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