Strava and Spark won't work

Hi Folks, I have inherited a FP1U - thanks Giusti - and I can’t install Strava as apparently my device isn’t compatible with this version. Anyone got any ideas?

Your could try the Android 4.4 alpha.

See also the topic entitled “Bluetooth connections are unstable in FP1 alpha” (which is now a read-only topic) for some more inormation on Bluetooth and BTLE in the 4.4. Beta SW. In short, although the beta would connect to devices which require BTLE, connections were a bit ‘hit and miss’

Hope that helps



Thanks Ben, if I am feeling brave I will try the alpha, meanwhile I restored my apps from a SIM card backup and things are working as far as I can tell - how did that happen? Pete thanks for the heads up re Bluetooth too - I think I’ll stick for now.

You cannot restore apps from a SIM card. Did you restore your Apps from a SD Card? Or maybe even automatically via your Google account?

Hi Ben, you’re right it wasn’t a SIM card it was a memory card don’t know where SIM came from!

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