Strange sound when opening FP4

I have my FP4 for the last 3 months and suddenly a strange sound happens when I open it with the biometric sensor on the right side of the phone. Do you know about it?

A kind of mechanical noise or does the phone play a sound?


It plays a sound. Also when opening the session with the pin code (not the SIM the phone one).

Maybe in the settings under sound there is suddenly something enabled that was disabled before, like sound when locking display?

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You could try to disable Settings -> Sounds -> Advanced -> Screen locking sound.
If that doesn’t help, try to boot in safe mode to eliminate additional apps as error source.


Well done. My phone is fixed. Thank you all. I have as you suggested disabled et enabled most all sound parameters and the sound disappeared.

What is still strange is that the sound appeared while unlocking the phone and not locking it. Anyway, thank you again for your kind help.