Strange screen issue

It is definitely this Android 7 related bug. And apparently it could be related to Night-Light. Well, I am happy to know I am not the only one to experience it.


It is (I also have that a lot). Unfortunately the root cause seems to be unknown so far. Maybe you could contribute your observations on the bug tracker? The issue doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention and I think it’s very annoying.

With a brand new Fairphone, I see a strange issue: The screen occasionally shows a varying degree of noise - sometimes in limited portions of the screen, sometimes over the whole screen.
It seems to be a software issue - screenshots also show the noise. Here is an example of how it looks like:

The issue quickly resolves itself, in the worst case I have to switch to the home screen and back to the app I was using to get a proper screen display again, so it’s just a minor nuisance.

I’m currently running Fairphone Open 18.10.0. I haven’t seen this issue on another phone running the same version. Is this a known issue? With quick search here in the forum I didn’t find any topic describing such problems…

So I continued to have this issue since my post in November and didn’t really care about it, but then I also got FP2 incoming call screen freeze issue, so I tried replacing the screen and that fixed both. So it seems not to be a software issue after all. On the other hand I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue on the other FP2 running FP Open beta yet.

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FP2 Screen shows temporarily artefakts which are lattice-like. This phenomenon is very obtrusive so working with my FP2 is cumbersome.

The occurance of an fullscreen overlay of artefacts which are lattice-like cannot be lead back to some apps. This behaviour appears by chance.!


When I touch and wipe the center pane of an app, the disturbance remains in the other parts

I changed the screen, using another screen coming from a proper working FP2 - the problem with my FP2 did not disappear.

I performed a factory reset (!) and the problem did not disappear as well.

Also done without fault indication: Checkup (hardware diagnostics)

Nightlight is off. No other nightlight app installed.

Hope it’s OK to resurrect such an old topic :slight_smile:.

I’ve been having the artifact issue since I had the phone and it hasn’t been too much of an issue. But over the last couple of months I’ve been experiencing the FP2 incoming call screen freeze issue, but it is also happening with other apps.

The screen won’t respond and sometimes the image on the screen splits down the middle and one side lags a fraction of a second behind the other. Then it usually doesn’t respond for about 30-60 seconds and then it’ll show an ‘App isn’t responding’ message and I can close the app and the phone is back to normal. After that I sometimes get strange looking icons as I posted in the first screenshot here.

I’m using LineageOS 17.1.

I know your post is from nearly 2 years ago, but did you manage to fix this issue? Did the new screen help in the end? I’ve cleaned the contacts of my current screen and it doesn’t look damaged.

All the best :vulcan_salute: :blush:.

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I know you didn’t ask me but since I had similar issues and followed @paulakreuzer’s attempts also, I thought I’d chime in.

As far as I know, the new screen didn’t help. (See comment here)

I don’t know if your problem is the same as mine was, but my issue was fixed by sending the phone to be repaired. I’m not super knowledgeable in these things, but I tried explaining my issue and everything I tried as best as I can in this thread. I’m not exactly sure what the issue in the end was, but FP support thought that it might be a problem with the GPU, and the issue was fixed by changing the motherboard/core module. If you’re better than me with tech stuff (which, admittedly, is not a very high bar), you might be able to fix the issue without having to change the whole module, but for me that was the only thing that helped.

It’s been maybe a year since my phone was repaired, and the problem hasn’t come back so far. I mean, my phone is slow at times and I do get the occasional noisy/pixelated stuff, but I barely even notice it (it’s nowhere as bad as before, just a few pixels here and there once a month or so).

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply! That’s really useful information. I’m glad you managed to solve it :slight_smile:.

Sounds very much like a core module problem then. I think repairing that might be a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’ll have a look into it (or getting a second hand module on the forum’s marketplace). I’ve had it for 3 1/2 years so it’s not in warranty any more.

In it’s current state it is becoming unusable, but I feel optimistic that I can keep my FP2 going a bit longer :blush:.


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Hello again.

I’m just trying to troubleshoot a bit deeper and see whether it is a hardware or software issue :face_with_monocle:.

I’ve managed to get a logcat of the “incoming call crash” I mentioned above.

I’ve tried finding a guide, but haven’t managed to find anything illuminating. Can anyone point me in the right direction? There appear to be a lot of graphics related errors that I don’t understand. I have LineageOS 17.1 (latest build) with pico opengapps.

Many thanks.

PS: If it’s of interest, what’s the best way to share the logcat file here? The forum won’t let me add a text file.

You may zip the logcat and add e.g. “.ttf” at the end of the filename. Then you can upload it to the forum. You should mentioned that anyone downloading it should remove that extension…

Or you can surround it by the tags
[details=“Click here to see logcat output”]
your logcat output as text

It would look like that then:

Click here to see logcat output

your logcat output as text


Thanks Volker :slight_smile:! Smart workaround.

So for anyone who would like to take a look. I’ve attached “”. Please remove “.ttf” from the filename and unzip to reveal the logcat.

I’ve started the logcat just as the call comes in, but I get a similar behaviour when an app crashes. This is now happening more often (5-6 times a day), but it always appears to recover after about a minute or so with a “Close App” message.

I’ve tried looking up the different entries, but I haven’t manged to find anything relevant online. To me it looks like the error occurs at 15:02:38 with a whole series of GPU related entries. This roughly fits with me observing the screen stuttering for a second or two before the screen freezes completely. The ring tone continues to play and stops as it should when the other person hangs up.

Any help is appreciated. I guess my initial question is, does it look like a hardware or a software issue? My instinct is a hardware issue, as it appears to be getting worse.

Thanks for looking. (29.6 KB) [running LineageOS 17.1 (latest build)]


I have the same issues (strange screen issue + incoming call screen issue). The “App isn’t responding” issue described by @gapintheclouds also happens with other apps. The worse is when it happens with the clock app and I can’t turn off the alarm in the morning…

I will try to make some tests during the holidays as I have a second FP2 I can use in the meantime. Until then, I tried the advice found in another thread: I turned off the transition animation scale, the window animation scale and the animator duration scale. I have had just a few app crashes in the last 5 days and never with the phone app. So I’m pretty happy that my elderly FP2 isn’t dying after all. Not yet!


The behavior has nothing to do with the OS. I’ve test LOS, Fairphone Open as well as /e/: The artefacts and the freeze occurs in all 3 OS. It seems to be a GPU-issue - a manufactured or damaged chip.

See also Fairphone B.V. won't repair FP2 which is within warranty? (with screenshots).

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Thanks @chrisse. I tried the advice in the thread you found, but it didn’t make a difference. It took a while as it kept crashing while scrolling in the Settings app.

But since then a generous person sent me a spare core module they had and it’s all working again. I’m now thinking about how I can prevent this from happening again. If it’s because the GPU is overheating, does anyone know if it is possible to minimise GPU usage? I can disable the animation settings mentioned in the link in the post. But are there any other methods in Android to do this? I’ve had a look and I can’t find anything useful.

For reference, I managed to take a picture of the split screen issue I was having (below).

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Hi, I’m wondering whether to use this method to fix. Could I ask how much it cost to fix by Fairphone please?

@LL435 I already answered you in the PM you sent me, but here’s the same info in case anyone else is wondering:

My device was still under warranty when i sent it in to be repaired, so I actually didn’t end up paying anything. Fortunately, though, there was a mix-up at the repair center and I got a quotation document / bill after they diagnosed my phone. So I still have the information you’re after :slight_smile:

The shipping was free (not sure if this was because of warranty or do they do this with all cases). The price of fixing the phone was 165,83€, VAT included. I was also given the choice of not getting the phone repaired after all, either getting it shipped back to me in the condition it was in (this option was 15,30€) or having the repair center destroy it (free of charge).

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Hi, thank you very much for the reply and the information. Our problem is exactly the same as you had. I think because our phone is 6 years old then, if it’s likely to cost that much, we may put that money towards a new FP3 instead as there’s no guarantee something else might go wrong. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @gapintheclouds,
After re-reading this thread, I am wondering if you already had these problems before Lineage 17.
I have experienced the same issues as you on Lineage 17 (I think it started on 16 already). Then I did a complete reinstallation from scratch and installed /e/ pie. I haven’t had any troubles for 15 days (some mild dots like @morgenstern’s pictures in the first post, but not as bad). Then I have upgraded to /e/ Q and some of the problems are back. Mainly: the dots appear more often and are often followed by an app freezing. It happens a lot with my news app, so I thought it might be related, but it also happens with Signal.
I upgraded yesterday and I already have had 3 freezes today.

Could it be Android 10 -related? I would guess not, because I think that I experienced issues on Lineage 16, but the problems appearing with my upgrade are quite obvious. Could it be something else related to my upgrade, but not Android-10 related?


Hi @chrisse.

Thanks for the interesting information. I still have my old core module, so I’ll try downgrading to Android 9 Pie (LineageOS 16.0) and see whether I can get it working. I bought it factory-refurbished about 3.5 years ago and I always had some very mild dots on that core module but then the “screen splitting” started and after a few months it became unusable.

I have Android 10 (LineageOS 17.1 variety) installed on my “new” (second-hand) core module and it works without any issues, so that would mean there is a fault with the old core module that I haven’t got with the new core module.

I don’t know much about Android, but I’m wondering whether Android 10 uses parts of the hardware that Android 9 does not. There error message in the logcats I got would indicate that it might be graphics related. Would there then be a way to turn off whatever is different in Android 10 to get a working phone again?

Anyway, I’ll try Android 9 on the old module this week and report back.

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I have similar graphical problems and turned off the overall animations a few days ago. This makes Android (LOS 17.1) run smoother and I haven’t had any graphical problems since then (but as I said - only a few days ago).

My wild guess is that the overall animations in Android 10 quickly pushed the FP 2’s graphical performance to the limit, resulting in freezes and these graphical errors.

… I could be wrong, but feels promising :slight_smile: