Strange font caracter

At someplaces i have a font caracter i would Like to geht rid of. Especialy the dialer. Does anybody know ?,

It seems you have set the high ccontrast font.

Go to settings, accessibility, deactivate high contrast text.

Thanks for your attention.
I did not change anything in contrast settings so it was still as it was. But anyway im doing a complete reset right know because im done with this Piece of … . Next i will do is a Battery reset because i can not charge via Notebook, an yes i have a Data-Cable(i already bought two of them, i also can not transfer any data (To be correct i could three Days ago but not today). And after all this Odysse thrue this Forum and my FP2 including re- and assembling i will have a BEEEEER or two and then i maybe smash this thing. What a waste of time spending nearly 600.00 CHF and about a week full of troubles i`m reale done. It started right when i became this Phone, delivered by DHL i opened the Cardboardbox and had a brocken Transportcase with an already cuttet Blue Paperstrip in it. I wrote an email to the support-team and got a message that i was not the only one with this case and therefore they do belive that everything seems to be OK with the Phone. YES IT LOOKS LIKE. I did go thrue nearly every Problem writen in this Forum during the last week including overheating …
Sorry for my unrestrained behaviour right know, i do know and recognised that you and a lot of others do a great job in this Forum to help People to get Problems solved and i reali appreciate that.
I thank you all best regard uhu

So the complete reset solved the problem with the Cables. The Cables are Data-Cables again now. And they charge the Phone to. what an incredible Phone it can make 2-Whire-Cables into 4-Whire-Cables in just two hours. respect.

… so you “became this phone” … waw
how does it feel ?
yes, i would then definitely advise a complete reset :slight_smile:

once i did reset my brain too :baby_bottle: unfortunatly i am not able to transform anything yet. But looking much more optimistic to further adventures. :grinning::grinning::grinning: