Strange Files and Files by Google

In my Settings- Apps list there is the app Files ánd there is the app Files by Google.
But in my All apps screen there is only the app Files.

Because I guess you have deactivated it? However in the app drawer and not in Apps under Settings as for the OP is in my eyes impossible.

It’s strange.
In the app Settings and then Apps I see Files and I see Files by Google.

And when I go back to All apps I see this

As launcher I have Lean Leancher.
The second Files by Google is created by the app Shelter

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I think the other Files App is the Files System and not actually an App and therefore is not shown in the App drawer/under All apps or can be moved to the homescreen.
When you open it from the settings-apps you see its different, as no force stop, open or deactivate or anything is available as for “normal/real” Apps.