Strange cascade of problems

I have had quite a number of new problems with my Fairphone in the last few weeks and struggling to see if they are connected or not.

First my primary microphone suddenly failed. I contacted support and they sent me a new module.

While waiting for this to arrive I started to experience random reboots and huge battery drain. I read that this could be caused by a defective SIM so i ordered a new one. This did not stop the reboots. Again I contacted support and they made some suggestions about how to figure out the cause.

Before I could try these things the phone died altogether - seemingly the battery is drained and refuses to charge. Support have now told me my battery must be defective. Great timing as there are no batteries in the webshop.

I’m puzzled as to how my reasonably functioning phone has suddenly required a new microphone, battery and SIM. Is it possible that I somehow broke something when I opened the phone to check the microphone module? That’s the first time I had removed the display assembly.

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I don’t know if you gave support any more suggestions than you gave us so they come to this conclusion, but I would guess there is a chance that your battery is just deep-discharged.

Do you already have the new bottom module?

Take out the battery and all cards. Wait at least half an hour then put the battery back in (just the battery) and plug in the phone. Don’t try to turn it on until the LED turns from (black), blinking-red, red, yellow to green.

Then see if you still have the reboots and battery drain without the SIM inside. If not put it back in but turn off 3G.

It’s unlikely. It’s more likely that your bottom module and SIM card are both defective for different reasons. The bottom module is the module that breaks most often, unless you consider 3rd party hardware, then it’s the SIM card (this does not come from official data - just from my experience on the forum).

Support told me to leave the phone connected to the charger for 15 mins plus to see if the LED comes on - it doesn’t. They also said to try plugging the phone in to the charger without the battery - whereupon it gets stuck in a boot cycle rather than remaining off. I guess these things are what suggests a battery fault to them.

I have the new bottom module and have fitted it but of course can’t tell whether the microphone works now.

I will have a go at leaving the battery out for a bit. There are no cards in the phone just now. I have a replacement SIM but I’m using it in ye olde Nokia.

At the moment the LED just doesn’t ever come on - except a couple of times it did, the charge screen showed, then it all went off again after a minute.

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Okay that does indicate that the battery is really dead.
The phone does what it should when plugged in without a battery indicating that the charging mechanisms would work.
I’d still try the so called “battery reset” I described above though, just to make sure.

Support may still have some batteries for warranty cases even if they are not available in the shop. If not you can try one of the #resellers.


Thanks. It’s a relief to hear that I probably didn’t damage it myself at least.

My battery is over a year old so Support said its warranty is up :cry: I’ve ordered one from a German reseller. Hopefully that will solve the problem!


New battery did not solve the problem. Phone is still dead. The new battery had some charge so the phone switched on and stuck at the Fairphone screen.

Ok that’s strange.
I think there are probably only 3 possibilities left you could try:

  • find local #fairphoneangels and have them switch modules until you find out which module(s) are broken
  • send in the whole phone to support
  • go to a #repairshops
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Thanks for telling me about angels and repair shops, I didn’t know these lists existed. Unfortunately neither are anywhere near me.

Support have now asked me to perform a factory reset but the phone is not responding to pressing power and volume up :disappointed_relieved:

You might have to press them quite a few seconds (just in case you didn’t wait that long already).

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