Strange Behaviour

FPOOS and Xposed framework installed, I am experiencing weird things like sudden interruptings of calls (sometimes put on “automatic” hold), installing apps with no effect (even the Xposed things do not work), empty playlists and the like.
Also I still have the Google Calendar on it (???).

Suspect that I do not have the right settings at TWPR or something - anyway there is no proper documentation to be found to explain the basics and first steps for a newbie like me.
Any hints?

So, now I learned that in fact there is no Google-free OS for Android, as some system apps and the push-service exclusively are owned by them (as for Apple in iPhone) and lots of things can be monitored and changed without any notification.
This is sad news, and anyway I want to deal with it.

Already switched to 16.12.0 (smoothly, except the background was gone and the timer schedule didn’t work anymore) and still want to do it right.
How do I get the Xposed apps working?

Have a look here. Perhaps it will help you further.

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Have you flashed the Xposed .zip before installing the Xposed Installer app?

The app in FP Open OS is the standard android calendar. In the app it says “about Google Calendar” instead of “about Calendar”, but if the app is called “Google Calendar” in the app launcher then you didn’t succeed in installing FP Open OS.

While this may be true technically. (Some DNS thing still uses Google afaik, whatever that is), but:

This is not true for FP Open OS. The standard android apps that are pre-installed are created by the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which is financed by Google, but the apps don’t need Google (in some cases, like the calendar it’s not too easy to use without a Google Account, but you’ll find ways to do it here on the forum).

The topic @Lidwien linked to above is a great start. (You can “summarize” it to see the most-liked and -replied-to posts). Also in the wiki linked in that topic the last point is the guide to installing Xposed on the FP2.

The “calendar” is called so (5.1-fp2-sibon-16.12.0), anyway offers only a Google account. Maybe I was mistaken for that part. Good.
I’d later like to set up a system to synchronize calendar and contacts on my own server…

Meanwhile I succeeded in activating (!) additional apps in Xposed framework and there are now lots of interesting alterations on hand.

[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:4, topic:24796”][quote=“mungo, post:2, topic:24796”]
lots of things can be monitored and changed without any notification.
This is not true for FP Open OS.
I dare doubting it.
There are system apps with root access impossible to uninstall.
As this posts a chance for backdoors, it is not too harsh of a speculation that there are some.
Since I am a simple user it’s no use to even try checking for myself. Only I would like to know about them.

CU nxt yr

Just my two cents. For the calendar I use DavDroid and my calender is at my account at

That works great with owncloud and DavDroid on the phone as sync client. :slight_smile:

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