Storage Upgrade & Data loss

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding the storage upgrade for FP1, V 1.8.7. The online tutorial says that, when doing this upgrade, all data will be lost. My question: What does “all” mean?

Will text messages be lost? If so - how can I backup text messages?
I suppose that the apps I’ve installed will get lost. Is there any way of moving an app from the internal/telephone storage to the SD-card? This would be easier than re-downloading and re-installing all my apps, but I could not find any way of moving apps to my SD card…
Apart from that and apart from the phonebook & calender (which I do not use) - is there any other relevant data that will be lost and needs to be backed up?

Many thanks for your help

With MyPhoneExplorer (, you can backup all your contacts, SMS, calendars to your PC. You can also backup your apps (the APK files) and other files.

If you use messangers like Whatsapp or Threema, have a look at their website to know how to backup this data.

An app to backup completely everything is Titanium Backup (, but it’s a bit complicated to use.

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Hi Irina,
many thanks for your quick reply! Still not quite sure what “all” means, though - so just to sum up:

  • installed apps / app data
  • SMS
  • internal phonebook / contacts
  • calender
    Is that about it :)?

“All” means that after the storage upgrade, your FP will look like on the very first day when you booted it for the very first time. :wink:


Thanks for the clarification :)!

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