Storage problems

Dear all,

I can’t install further Apps since my Fairphone tells me I do not have enough storage capacity anymore. But if I check in the file manager it tells me I have 7 GB of free storage. Any explanations for that??

Thanks for your kind help.

The FP1 comes with 1GB allocated to apps and then 13GB allocated to other things like media. So when you are looking in the File Manager you are viewing the 13GB partition, so the fact that you have 7GB left doesn’t mean you have any storage left for applications.

To fix this problem you need to run the storage update

The update does away with 2 separate partitions and merges into one. You will need to backup and restore your data as it erases everything as part of the process. It is a pain, but this is the solution to resolve this.

I do also have the problem of unavailable space for my app updates. I did not run the partition-unification-thing so far, for I did not know it existed. Anyway, I wanted to do it, but my phone just won’t do step 3. Pushing the FairphoneOS-button simply doesn’t do anything.
How can I proceed? Any ideas?