StopCovid french app fails to work on FP2


I am trying to get this app StopCovid France – Apps on Google Play
to work on my FP2.

I can install the app from Google Play.
However I get the following error while trying to launch the service

“Téléphone incompatible
StopCovid ne peut pas fonctionner avec votre téléphone qui ne supporte pas intégralement le Bluetooth Low Energy”


“Incompatible phone
StopCovid cannot work with your phone that does not fully support Bluetooth Low Energy”

Any idea of what’s going on ? It is hard to imagine that my recent and up to date FP2 is incompatible.

Thanks !


Flicking through some datasheets the post below this one by @Patrick1, “Bluetooth Low Energy” appears to be un supported by the hardware inside the FP2; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC.



…needed some time to find my old post.
FP2 (Android5+) & HW is capable of utilizing BT 4.0 LE (which is rather based on a different software stack than different HW. Read here or here).

I know it’s not easy to find this specific “LE” feature mentioned in datasheets or technical specs. Maybe because it was firstly implemented in BT4.0 and as I could understand not specifically formed in silicone but rather software based. Even there are different sources for datasheets from Qualcomm with more or less difference in detail level.
Hence I could recall that I had written some about it in the past where I had access to such details and FP2 tech specs were still broadly to be found.

Actually I know it’s working as I have a few accessories in use with my FP2/Android6 making proper use of the “LE” feature.


I assume it’s rather an improper (quick&dirty) software implementation (just as firstly concentrating on french speaking natives and not taking all citizens in France into account…).
You could give a feedback to the developers about this BT issue. Maybe they are interested in reaching as many users as possible with the app. :thinking:


Thanks ! I sent a quick report to the developers. I will post their answer, or any news, if I get some.


Interesting find, thanks. I stand corrected! I did find the wikipedia article, but its text left me more confused than informed.

If this is a software issue in the Android 7 build like @Patrick1 suggests, the other thing you can do is report a bug in the Fairphone Android 7 bugtracker. I’ve become a big skeptical on future updates given we haven’t seen one in over 6 months, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and document your request there.

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Update: here is the answer I got from the developers.

The StopCovid application also uses “low energy” Bluetooth, which consumes less energy and therefore limits the impact on the battery. If your phone is not equipped with this feature (both in reception but also in transmission, it’s important !), it unfortunately doesn’t support the application.
We are doing our utmost to find alternative solutions so that those in your situation can benefit from this device.
We apologize for this inconvenience.

Nevertheless, the team will take a closer look at your Fairphone 2, if it is not another unidentified problem.


I wonder if there are others in France also having troubles with this app, specifically with BT “LE” (and a Fairphone 2).

Does not sound very convincing. One direction, bidirectional…
I have asked elsewhere too if there is a difference in implementing it by software or also partially in hardware. With some luck I will get a response.
Maybe @lorahaspels from Fairphone would also like to join in and help us to finally clear this technical function Bluetooth 4.0 low energy for the FP2.
Is it fully implemented and can be entirely utilized by any software compatible with Android 6+ or is there something essential missing maybe (software/hardware) according to the developers statement to @choufleur?
Could it again be a driver issue specifically with Android 7?

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I luckily have received a response already to this functionality.
Quite explanatory as I think.

Original German:

"Es ist korrekt, dass wir für I LOCK IT Bluetooth Low Energy benutzen. Das Schloss sendet hierbei ein Advertising Signal aus und das Smartphone scannt nach diesem Signal. Dies ist sozusagen der Standard Anwendungsfall bei Bluetooth LE und funktioniert genauso bei anderen Geräten wie Fitness Armbändern etc.

Um die Corona App zu nutzen muss das Smartphone jedoch nicht nur nach anderen Geräten scannen, sondern gleichzeitig auch selbst Advertisen (also seine eigene ID aussenden). Diese Funktionalität ist seit Android 5 verfügbar, wird aber anscheinend nicht von allen Smartphones unterstütz (siehe hier:

Das Fairphone scheint wohl zu einem dieser Smartphones zu gehören. Daher funktioniert zwar I LOCK IT damit aber die Corona App nicht. Ich hoffe die Erklärung ist soweit verständlich."


"It is correct that we use Bluetooth Low Energy for I LOCK IT. The lock sends out an advertising signal and the smartphone scans for this signal. This is the standard use case for Bluetooth LE and works the same with other devices like fitness bracelets etc.

In order to use the Corona App, however, the smartphone must not only scan for other devices, but also send out advertisements (i.e. its own ID). This functionality is available since Android 5, but apparently not all smartphones support it (see here:

The Fairphone seems to belong to one of these smartphones. Therefore I LOCK IT works but the Corona App does not. I hope the explanation is understandable.

Translated with (free version)"

Maybe Fairphone also gets onto this thread and can clear up if it can do anything about it because in the case it’s obvious that most/all Corona Apps probably won’t work with Fairphone2.


I have the same message with app stopcovid on my fp2 .i cannot install there nos any improvment on this topic?

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Hi, I have the same problem while in France. There should be an OS update to fix this. I have no pending updates while on Fairphone OS 19.11.2 I would like to be able to not only download, but also run Stopcovid, especially since infection rates are rising and people don’t always appear to take the pandemic very seriously around here (Dép. 17).

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