Stomboscopic screen

i’m not so good in english, excuse me i use an automatic translater for discribe my problem:

the screen sometimes flickers and the display is stomboscopic: the screen is alllume and very quickly extinguished making any use impossible. Sometimes getting back to the problem but not always. the telephone at only 1 month.

Thanks for help

Hi there, you can also ask in your mother tongue if English is a problem.


It sounds like it could be a loose connection between the screen and the main board.

This post may be of help: Fuzzy Touch Screen or Touch Screen not working. Solved

It will help guide you through taking the screen off and put it back on.

Apologies if that doesn’t help.

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thanks, i have try this and i hope it’s ok now.

Let us know if it works =)

Following your advice, I disassembled and reassembled the screen and the problem no longer appeared for 4 days. I hope that was a false contact and that the problem is solved.
Thank you very much for your help that avoids a return in sav


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