Step counter app not workin'

What I can understand is taht there is no step counter/pedometer app taht will work. The FP turns the sensor off when the sceen turns off. Am I right or is there a step counter app that works?
Is this an issue in any update? Is there a workaround or any way the have the sensor working with a stepcounter app even when the sceen turns off?

Which app do you use? If you tell us, maybe someone else can check the app’s behaviour and reproduce the issues.

I have similar experience with Google Fit. It just didn’t record any of my activities. I blamed Google Fit for this at first but maybe it’s something else? My colleague who uses it on a Nexus 5 says he’s had positive experiences with the app.

I’ve tried a lot of them. Hans’s pedometer, Accupedo, Pedometer plus, were some of them.
Now it looks like I found one that works, Walklogger, at least it counts even when the screen turns off. But the app is not very good in other ways.
Walk on!

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I have now removed/unistalled Walklogger. A 16 km walk generated 2000 steps. No I’m not a giant.Tried differend phone possitions to get beter results, but no. Even battery consumtion is far to many %. Anyone with a better app?