Statistics about using different OSes on FP2

I would find it very interesting, to know, how many FP2 users are using each of the FP2 OSes. Even if that might be quite difficult to estimate.

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You’d need apps like FP(O)OS’ hickup in the other OSes to get such info.

You could do a poll and try to estimate from that.

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But you would have to do that poll via e-mail sent to all customers.
Any poll in this forum - in my opinion - would lead to an overestimation of the usage of other OSes than the standard Android.
Just the discussions concerning Sailfish or Lineage OS are hinting in that direction. There is so much tech-talk here; this can not be representing the average Fairphone buyer, being in it for the social aspects.

Maybe @Douwe or someone else from the Fairphone team can shed some light on the chances for setting up such a poll and including a link in the next newsletter.

Or maybe it is possible to gain some insight from the download numbers of each OS.


It is possible to install the app “Fairphone Checkup” under Lineage at the FP2, but it doesn’t show up at the phones settings? And if the app works, somebody at Eairphone company has to look at the results and to publish it?

On you can read how many FP2 users use UbuntuTouch :slight_smile:
To estimate that, they read the device info received when asking for update…

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Installing Hickup on an alternative OS makes no sense.

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