Startup problems

I got a Fp2 from a friend who was´nt satisfied whit it. But I´m having problems starting it. I can´t logg in to my google account. It want´s me to logg in with a account that it is synchronize with unit before. Is the factory reset made in a wrong Way?

That is a security feature by Google (Think: Theft). It’s exactly as you think: the factory reset was made in a wrong way. The FP2 should have a internet connection and must be reset via Settings → Backup & reset → Factory data reset → RESET PHONE.

Ask your friend to login to the FP2 with his/her account (it must be the same account used before). Then log in to WiFi and perform the reset as described above. You should be able to login with your account after the reboot.

Note: This is also described here:


Thank you very much!

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