Starting to Lose Faith in Fairphone

I started out very keen on the Fairphone idea but they are just not making it work in practise.

The hardware is unreliable. I have just developed the second identical fault with the screen on my fairphone 2, i.e. 1 side of the screen going dead. The back case has split open.

With mobile data, location services and bluetooth on all the time the battery lasts about half a day.

Support is just not working It took nearly 3 months to fix the fault the first time I had this problem including a number of weeks without the phone. I had to telephone support before anything happened and it appeared my replacement screen had just been forgotten.

Really not impressed and very…very close to buying a panasonic.


I’m feeling with you. I’m one of the first owners (ordered 7/2015, received 1/2016) an went through several issues. I’m OK with an unusable phone while charging, I fixed the frequent reboots by fitting a piece of paper underneath the battery. Actually, it’s kind of cool to fix a smartphone by inserting pieces of paper :wink: But things have gone worse recently. First of all, the touchscreen has behaved strangely for a couple of months. I thought this has to do with the connectors between main module and screen module, and were somewhat successful by adding further papers in between the case and the core module to increase the pressure on these contact. It however got worse, such that I can use it about 20% of the time. The remaining time, the screen would not react or just show me colored pixels. On top of that, mobile connectivity has been almost completely gone ~2 weeks ago. This means that even if the screen works, I can’t make calls (this is still a PHONE) within closed rooms.

So far, I’ve always given a recommendation to buy a FP, but I’d now definitely abstain from that. Maybe support will help with this, but certainly not quickly.

Meanwhile, I’m going for a backup motorola…not the ressource-friendliest way, I assume.

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Feeling for you as well.
The problem with the display seems to be wider spread, although mine is okay.
Battery draining on the other hand seems to be a general problem, that is at least made worse by Android 6 (Marshmallow). I only use my phone for calling, switching any of the other connectivity on when needed only. A kind of awkward “workaround” might be a powerbank to recharge the phone on the go.

Maybe you could try to contact someone from support by phone to speed things up a bit; I read here in the forum that this has worked already.

Edit: I just learned, that my initial idea to contact support here in this forum via pm ist not that good an advice, as they are busy with support and therefore not regularly checking for pms; plus: you wouldn’t know who is on vacation, business travel or being sick and therefore not able to help you.
So I just removed my link to that regard.

since a few month i started to spot for a new phone.

I used to have a fairphone from its beginning. Mostly because fairphone wants to have a transparent production and is trying to pay as fair as possible.

I can get used to a beginner / midrenge phone, but not to a phone, which crashes since its launch during phone calls and multiple times trough every day. I need a reliable phone to work with.
Sadly it’s because of the software and not because a broken hardware peace that I bought a new phone every 2 years.
So I desiced to buy this year a phone from a other brand - which I hope will last longer than 2 years.

I am sadly in the same situation as you all. I have changed the case twice (paying for it, of course), the screen was changed 6 months ago and I am having now the same problems again, the phone reboots spontaniously since a few weeks and today it just went off and it is impossible to do anything with it. I’ve paid almost 600€ for a phone which was thought to last 8 years and it is already dead not reaching even two years…

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If you have a slim case, the reboots are most likely caused by the power and the camera button of the case.
Switch the buttons on the case. Now try to start the phone.

Feeling just the same.
My FP2 is for sale, that’s why I came back on this forum.
Many different problems for me but not the screen one. Lucky me!!! Currently, I am facing (again) the case problem. Plus battery draining, plus rebooting, plus heating up when using GPS+4G+screen and rebooting, plus being out of order for several weeks…
And since the very beginning, I am very disappointed with the quality of the sound.

So I guess this is not the right topic to find the next owner of my FP2.
I will now go for a Samsung around 200€. This is not a fair phone at all but it’s most probably more reliable and as powerful.

Did you try the two year warranty?


I feel the same. This was my first and last FP2.
“New” core module, new bottom module, new cover. Randomreboots with 4g and now my cover is broken again. I have the phone 1 year and 7 months now.
Dafinitely a bad buy.

What do I want from that warranty? Another FP? No. Thanks, Why? See below.

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