⭐ Only 1 bed left! - European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2018 (13/8 - 19/8/2018)

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See what happened at #efct16 or #efct17.

:globe_with_meridians: frphn.co/efct18

Hey everybody,

We booked a 10-bed-dorm at the Clink hostel Noord. There is still one bed free there, and another one in a twin room.


These people have already laid down 100€, declaring their intentions to stay in a dorm during #efct18 :

Twin room

If you want to take part, post below and we will add you to the personal message. :slight_smile:

Best, Stefan

Attendees who don't need accommodation
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Possible workshops at #EFCT18
#EFCT17: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (31/7 - 6/8/17)
:de: :gb: Stuttgart Fairphoners Meetings / Treffen / Community
#EFCT18 Schedule Draft

Can we come to a conclusion until this Sunday evening? :smiley:

PS.: I’ve removed the weeks where one or several people had voted with “NO”.


I was just about to put a “No” in week 35 because a friend of mine has recently announced that he will get married on the 29th next year, but you already removed that week :slight_smile: . I’m fine with any of the weeks that remain.

(by the way, why does this post earn me a first emoji badge? it surprises me that I haven’t used emoji before on the forum)


The date is set! See above. :smiley:

:de: München Fairphoners

Free Walking Tours in Amsterdam
Haarlem Greeters


Not Haarlem again! :sweat_smile: We went there for #efct16… We should go to Utrecht and have @AlbertJP show us his town. :smiley:


Maybe we could go sailing on the Ijsselmeer.


Should we create an eMail list for the EFCT as for the Angels Groups? So: efct18@fairphone.community

We could set it up so mails to it will be redirected to all Participants and we could then send important updates to everybody easily - e.g. if a meeting-point or -time spontaneously changes.


or an IRC/Matrix/Signal group? :wink:


Oh no, please don’t start another discussion about messengers! :wink: It will come up at the #efct18 just like at the others before anyway.
Everybody knows how to use eMail and everybody who wants to can easily encrypt them.


We have news about the accommodations during #efct18. See above.


I’m not a very active community member (anymore) so sorry for barging in, but I might have a nice idea for an activity. At the campus of the Technical University Delft (~1 hour by train from Amsterdam), there is a ‘Green Village’; a piece of ‘lawless’ land where sustainable developments that are not allowed yet can be tested (self-driving cars, hyperloop, certain building methods, etc.). I’m not sure of their schedule during summer yet, but I’m pretty sure someone can give you a tour. Otherwise I can probably do it myself (I live on the terrain). The Fairphone density is also very high here since at least 2 of the 5 inhabitants own a Fairphone :sunglasses:. Besides that, Delft is also a very pretty city with way less tourists than Amsterdam :innocent:.


Sounds like a really good idea! :smiley: And the best part would be if you had time to join us and give us a tour! :slight_smile:


Do we have to wait for anyone else, or can we go ahead and book the 8-bed dorm?


Don’t wait for me certainly… I’m waiting to see if Bruce is going to come along with me this year. But we’ve got a trip to South Africa (again) in a week’s time, so not having a conversation yet about this


There will be time on the plane to talk about it. :wink:


Hope that my VW Bus is ready in August :wink:
Planning to join my 3rd EFCT this year!


We had a VW before :wink: See you in Amsterdam in August!

I like @Jori’s idea by the way, maybe we should just visit Delft (and leave Utrecht for the EFCT19 :cry: )


Hello everybody, I am also a very new member, I got my fairphone since more or less two weeks now… I really would like to take part in this event, even if i cannot stay for the whole week. I guess this won`t be a problem, especially if im gonna search for an accommodation on my own.

I am really glad that I will have the opportunity to get in personal contact with the community, here in spain where I am doing my european voluntary service its not that easy…

So count on me,
Greetings from the very south,


I noticed today that the “conference” from KDE (Akademy) surprisingly is in Vienna this year and (of course) between the 11th and 17th August … Well at least I’m in Vienna for two days :smiley: