Square icon at the bottem of the screen

What is the use of the sqare icon at the bottem.
I can see which apps I recently opened. But what is the adventage of this screen?
Does it uses much battery?
How can enlighten me?

This is like alt-tab on many PC OS. You can switch between opened apps, and also close them in order to save battery and RAM.


Is there a possibility to switch this screen off?

Only with root it’s possible to assign different functions to the buttons.

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If you are sensible about battery saving, I would still recommend using it because most android apps dont have a “quit” function, so they can stay in the background eating your ressources.

But as paulakreuzer said, you could maybe change the buttons behaviour. AFAIK, on older Android versions, the task switch was accessed by long press on the HOME button. And on even older ones, you had to rely on 3rd party task-killer apps.

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