Spontaneous / Random Reboot -- with Solution (hopefully)

Hi Community,

my FP3 is rebooting randomly. I am not able to comprehend when it is dooing it. It happens during browser usage, calling, at the homescreen.

The phone is updated with the latest patch and runs the vanila software. Does anybody have the the same issues and found a solution?

Thank you for your help.

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I have seen “rebooting randomly during browser usage, calling, at the homescreen” a few times before, but occured by other smartphones and the common reason was that the Battery was damage.
Once the battery was visibly clear something like inflated.
Have you checked the Battery`s Status of your FP3?
Hope that can help you.

I experienced one random reboot switching from playstore to homescreen. v0110.

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Thank you for the hint with the battery. I noticed that also have problems with charging. I cleaned the conntacts and will keep you posted.

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I hope the cleaning will help you.
Is the battery an old one? Sometimes that could be the reason or
it has a fabrication defect, which could be notice after some time later.
Your feedback will be apreciated, because it could help others too.
Thank you.

It is a brand new FP3. I am still testing the battery. After cleaning there was only one random reboot. But I experienced some charging problems. Charging stoped at 81% and the phone said “full”. I will wait for some charging cyles and keep y posted.

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It seems there are probably 3 posibilities:

  1. the battery is defect
  2. the FP3 is defect
  3. only the FP3 Interface to the battery is defect

It could be good, if you could have the posibility to try the battery in other FP3,
just in case there is another one around.

By the way, do you know, if the battery of FP2 is the same for FP3?
I suppose not, just because of the different dimensions, but who knows,
just in case you have a FP2 around if not a FP3.

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They look a little different, rigth?

Update. I am quite sure now it is a problem with the battery and not a software issue.

I checked the “Battery status check” in the service menue of the dev options and there was a flickering during charging in the Voltage. (± 0.5mV) which is to much. I think this was the the reason for the charging and also may be the reason for reboot.

My solution so far:

A Glass Fibre Eraser Pen (Glasfaserradierer) I used it do scub the conntacts at the phone and the battery contacts and everything is working now.

In my experience this is the only tool for proper cleaning of electircal contacts that is cheap and easy to get.

I really hope this is the solution, my experiance with other Li-Ion battery products shows that impedance at contacts is a very tricky business. Therefore, my hypothesis is that minimal production quality issues and/or strorage and time may contaminate the pins enough to bring the output Voltage out of tolerance for the BMS (battery management system) of the device.

This may also be the point for the FP2 issues with the battery.


Isn’t ‘impedance’ alternating current’s electrical resistance? :wink:

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Ehhh, yeah. My “english for elecric engeneering” is developable… resistance of the pins (Wiederstand an den Steckverbindungen) may be the right explanation.

Nevertheless, it seems to work. I would appreciate if somebody could explain it in the right way.

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