Special Update post-18.02.0

I installed also the special update and i notice the that the battery drains more quickly then before that update … actually I do not get one day usage with a filled battery

If I was you, I would skip this update. The change will be included in the next regular update anyway. And if your FP2 is too old, I’d say it’s unlikely the special update would improve the situation for you.

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The ‘new’ display modules were already supported since the September update, I think something went wrong during your previous attempt and you can just update again.


Having an older Fairphone 2 of August 2016 I can tell you that the memory update didn’t cause me any problem, I see no difference in behavior whatsoever after the update.


So, a day after the update this might be normal? (BTW, this is a brand new replacement battery.)

A super quick drop from 20% -> 5% ->1% | recharging back up to 10% within 10 minutes(!!?)

Back up to 100% within just over 40 minutes. Was never that quick before.

No, that does not look normal.

Yup. I had to ask for myself with the dev team and they confirmed this is the reason. We now need to see if calling it special update was a good idea…


Thanks Ben. It is stable today, will monitor the drain for the next few days.

After doing the special update I had one day with only one reboot and now on day 2 am back to constant reboots, meaning it feels like every five minutes if I am trying to use the F2. This renders the phone basically useless. Battery is quickly drained, Any suggestions?


thanks, for now I disabled 4g, we´ll see what happens. Strange thing is that mine is an old Fairphone and this just started.

Old Fairphone 2 here, update had no negative effect, so your problem must be unrelated to the update and caused by something else. I had reboots for a while because of badly designed apps like Facebook, maybe it’s caused by some app you installed recently.

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Disabling 4G down to 3G has stopped the reboots for the moment. No new app that would explain why it started now, think it has to do with the mobile data on a South African SIM card. Thanks for the response!


Yes, this Special Update for 18.02.0 is legit. Sorry everyone for not posting to the forum and for the resulted confusion.

As you already found out:

  • The update is only available from the Updater if Fairphone Open 18.02.0 is installed.
  • It is meant to mitigate stability issues in devices produced since summer of last year.
  • The changes will be included in upcoming Fairphone Open 18.03.
  • This only affects devices produced after Q3 2017.

Find the (brief) release notes at https://code.fairphone.com/contentx/2018-02-20_special_update.html (thanks @johannes for pointing this out already)

Also thank you everyone for helping each other to understand our “special” release process.


I feel really “special” because my shields are working now !!
So thanks !!! :smiley:

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This affected me, too. I had reboots every night (introduced with one of the latest updates) which went away with this update.

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I have an older FP2 (with new screen and new cameramoules.
the 18.02 update introduced huge batterydrain. The battery used to last more than 1 day, now it only lasts about 14 hours or less. sometimes it suddenly drops fast. (like from 20% to 0 in 5 minutes)
Also since 18.02 several reboots per day. Special update didn’t solve both issues.

Yup, mine is still rebooting randomly, just as before. I’ve not seen any change at all after this update, battery drain or other. Oh well, so far the reboots have been only a minor hassle, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

18.03.1 is out now (FP OS and FP Open OS):

These updates contain the changes from the special update too.

If you continue to have random reboots please consult the rebootsguide.
The discussion about random reboots continues here: