Speakers stopped working

I just received my phone back from reparations at fair phone, camera broke and I had a black screen, which is fixed now but now I reinstalled everything, the speakers do not work. When I plug in my headphones, the sound works. Can someone help me with this ? I don’t want to send it back for reparations, I just received it back.

Maybe some cable wasn’t connected right. On your phone you find the app iFixit. Search for “Fairphone” and select “Fairphone Speaker Replacement”. iFixit shows you the steps to disassemble the FP to see what’s wrong inside. If no faults are visible, you might have to order a replacement speaker.

Hi Sarah, are you able to hear the ringtones by selecting another ringtone in the settings? If yes the speaker is not broken and it’s software, restarting the phone might help.

no I can not hear the ringtones

Then the speaker is faulty, I suggest you contact Fairphone support directly, despite the fact you just got 'er back, the repair was no good, should be corrected by the one who did the repair.

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This is not fun to hear. Try calling Fairphone support and explain them your problem, I’m sure you’ll get a ‘faster response’.

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