Speaker distorted

I do have the same problem, the distortion just came on. I replaced the speaker but the problem still exists. Is there someone to assist??

Since until now you only posted in FP2 threads I’m guessing you have an FP2 so I moved your post here.

Could you describe your problem a bit more?

I also have a speaker problem. I replaced the speaker which disorted, when I set the Volume to it’s maximum. No difference. Disortion is not only to hear with loud music, also the announcements of google maps are disorted. To hear the voice in the car I have to set the volume very high, otherwise I can’t understand the navigation announcements.
I wonder if the amplifier is to powerful for the speaker, so you can’t set volume to it’s maximum? I can’t set it to more than perhaps 75%.

I also have a problem with the speaker. From one day to the other it didn’t work anymore except when I put it on loud or with headphones. Without headphone I don’t hear the ringing tone when I’m calling or when someone answers. The other person can hear me though.

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I got same issue with speaker than you gaura. I contacted support 2 weeks ago about that and am still waiting for answer.

no sound comes from my (back) speaker either, and unless I plug it to headphones or external speaker, I can’t get any sound out from the device. I’d say this happened right after I plugged my headphones for the very first time, but it’s hard to believe this could cause the issue.

I tried a call using back speakers it didn’t work either, so it seems hardware related… I wonder if there is way to check the speaker is actually damaged or not.

Hello. My problem is not the quality of listening but my voice while calling: I can hear the other persons’ voice well but the the other persons say there are big noises during the calls all the time and this is really frustrating. My phone didn’t fall or didn’t hit anywhere so it can’t be something related to damages and I have noticed this problem came up after the SW updating. Weird.
The more I must say that the update didn’t solve the problem with GPS icon: after geolocalization has been actived and then deactivated the icon keeps appearing on the top of the screen like it was on.

I had a distorted speaker as well. Sounded as if I was standing next to an Autobahn at rush hour. I sent my FP2 in (after speaking to support) and will receive it back in the next couple of days. I will tell you if it is better.

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So did they repair it? Since it’s under warranty it shouldn’t be payed anything I guess… right?
Let me know know how it works now, please. :wink: I just can’t use it!

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they repaired it - replaced the lower module. But it still has the same distortion. Nothing has changed. Sadly. I will report this back to the support.

I have the same problem and I also believe it has happened after I used the headphones. When I switch on the phone it says headphones disconnected. The point in any case is that people cannot listen to me when I talk normally, only if I put the speaker.

I replaced the lower module myself, after the support sent it, but the same result. Sorry, but every 200 Euro-Smartphone has a better sound from the speaker than my FP2. very poor soundquality!

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Hi, Friek,

Did you get an answer from the support?