Spare protective case for 3+ and USB A to USB C cable for free [GONE]

Hi, I have spare items for FP3 and FP3+ to offer for free available in mid December (abroad for now). A blue protective case and a USB A to USB C cable. All items are new and will be send from France. Please write me if you are interested.

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I would be interested by the cable, if you don’t mind splitting your offer :slight_smile:


Hi Marion and welcome to the forum. I will send a private message.
Although as a new user you cannot send private message until you raise your status you can answer those you receive.

It would be useful to know where you are for costs related to postage etc.

Whilst typing I note oli.sax and I would be happy with just the blue case.

I don’t mind splitting the offer but I edit my message and the items will only be available in mid December. Would you mind to wait until this date?

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Yes, that is no problem for me to wait for mid-December. :slight_smile:

I currently have only one USB-C cable so I have to always bring it along with my FP4. Once I will have yours, I can keep one cable at home and one in office :wink:

Perfect! Please send your adress in private message. Thanks!

Hi, I’m interested in the cover if it’s still available, thanks!

Hey! I’m interested by the cover, if it’s still available!
Thanks a lot!

I am sorry, the item is already gone.