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Hi folks,

My FP2 is a few months out of warranty and the power button is failing. Support tell me that all they can do for that is replace the core module (!). A local repair shop agree that this is normal wear and tear on the button but they say that they could replace it if they had the part… so is it possible to get such a part anywhere? I’m sure this isn’t the only part that could be switched by a repair shop if only they had it - perhaps we should make a list somewhere of compatible parts?

In the meantime, a folded piece of paper has been put behind the button and it works just fine for now. Much cheaper than a new core module! And he was very happy at how quickly it came apart, so that’s a plus for fairphone.


You can try to get a core module that has other defects in the #market or maybe from #fairphoneangels near you.


Thanks paulakreuzer. That is an option, but I’m a bit reluctant to replace a part that’s worn out through normal wear with a used one - I guess it wouldn’t last as long and I don’t want to repeat this exercise !


I have not checked what size it is, there are many variants of miniature tactile switches. But maybe you can find it at i.e or also check Farnell, Mouser, Digikey. Some of them only sell to companies, but maybe a fairphone angel (or Fairphone?) can buy some and offer at the market.

You could also check or but delivery is usually slower and harder to find correct size.

Umm Conrad maybe?

Hi Rosemary7391,
If its really an issue with the outside button itself (you say adding a piece of paper solved your problems) you could consider replacing the back cover & buttons case. A new back cover comes with new buttons. I had an issue with a sound button working about half of the time, the rubber behind the button was worn out due to normal wear and tear. With a new case with fresh buttons and rubber it worked perfect again!

Im not sure if it will work in your situation because I dont know the details of your situation, and of course, if the core module has an issue, it will not be solved with a new backcover. But if a piece of paper already works for you, maybe this could help you :slight_smile: Perhaps you can test it with a back cover set from another Fairphone user near you, or order one online.

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