"Spare" button programing

Hi, would like some pointers on how to program the “Spare” button - below on/off button - so that it can do something useful, like taking a photo; triggering an eRobot command; turn off sound etc?

FP3 or FP2?

On a rooted FP2 you can install XPosed framework with the module Physical Button Music Control. You can set the camera button to any function you like, uncluding long, short and double presses, with options to change functionality based on whether the screen is turned on or off, or a phone call is going on or not.

As for the FP3, I don’t know if Xposed has been tested. Maybe when a stable /e/ release comes around that’ll become a reality.

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But the FP3 doesn’t have a “spare” button as the FP2 has.


Obviously FP2; the category is Help FP2:wink:

There were a discussion here whether you can program this button or not and it seems that you need at least an app to remap the button. So there is no system-built-in possibility to do this.

By the way taking a photo is easily possible by long pressing this button (opens the camera app) and pressing it again to take a photo. (Works in FP OS)

The original post was amended after I posted my comment. It was not in the FP2 category at the time.

But it’s good news, as it’s easy to remap the camera button on the FP2. I have it set to start/stop the music player when the screen is off and to set the phone to vibrate on long press - the PBMC app takes some figuring out but you can get your hardware buttons to do almost anything you want.

Here’s a set of instructions to completely disable the camera button, for instance.

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