Sounds Paranoid Android familiar?

Hello fellow users of FairPhone,

Just hopping by to ask if one of you have heard or even tried Paranoid Android with your FairPhone:

I am asking this, because I am looking for another OS than Fair Q/FairPhone edition of Android 10. To build my own is yet one step to far for me at this very moment.

Thus just hopping by if Paranoid Android is a good alternative for my FairPhone3.

According to their own website under Download, the OS does not (yet) support FairPhone.

Welcome to the Fairphone communtiy.
I never heard anything about Paranoid Android, but what about the already working alternatives /e/ or Lineage OS?


Thanks, but I was a silent member of this forum for months, until now.

I was and am just wondering on the possibilities in OS’s, beside ‘just’ Android and iOS.

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But Paranoid Android is (sort of) Android :confused: .


As @Incanus says Paranoid Android is obviously Android and the alternatives /e/ and Lineage are also Android.

AOSP Android Open Source Project is the base OS from which all the above are derived.

I doubt you will find a non Android based OS that will work on the Fairphone or any other ‘Android’ phone :slight_smile:

So the alternatives mentioned by @Incanus are about the best you are going to get.

However you can use Android without a lot of Google which is more what the alternatives are about.

I don’t need a google account, have disabled as much google apps as I can and could use the debloater options. I’m not paranoid but just can’t be bothered to support the google data gathering to the degree they would like, it’s just feels to demanding. So I presently use the stock Fairphone OS.


UBports (ex Ubuntu Touch) :wink:


Not to forget #sailfish OS, right?


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Thanks for all this reply.

I have decided to go with one of these: ✏ Operating Systems for Fairphones

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Yes, but I stopped with Jolla Sailfish as I had frequent reboots, also when shutting it down.

And now with Ubports V14 I have several apps that crashes immediately.

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