Soundproblems with phonecalls

Hi, I have received my FP3+ a month ago. First I had problems with calling: I could’t make or receive calls. Without doing anything, that problem was solved.
Now the problem is that a lot of the people I speak to on the phone are not able to hear me properly. Of course, this may be caused by something out of my (FP’s) reach. But if I face this with a lot of people, it might be a setting within my phone.

I have read the other topics of FP-users facing this problem. The solutions mentioned didn’t work for me. So therefor I post this matter.

Are there any of you out there with the same problem and having managed to solve it?


This is similar to my problem, but mine also intermittently stops connecting calls

Do either of you know someone else with an FP3 near you that can see if it is a location issue?

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