Sound times out during calls

Recently my Fairphone 2 developed a new problem: Whenever I am on a call, the sound I receive times out for a few seconds (~5s), this happens in fairly long intervals, the first time is less than a minute into the call, not exactly sure whether the intervals are regular or how long they are exactly.
During this timeout the other person seems to hear me just fine, it’s weird. I try to just keep talking until I hear them again… not much of a problem in private conversations but a real pain with official calls.
I am very close to ditching this phone. It just has too many issues…

If you tell us what your issues are we’ll probably be able to help you (after you searched the forum).
I never heard of the issue you described above. Did you install a new app before the issue started happening?

I am searching this forum for bugs that I am experiencing more often than I would like to but what’s the use of posting yet another report of a bug with no available fix…

I haven’t installed any new apps in a while and this only started happening recently.

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