Sound stopped working on FP3

The speaker on my FP3 stopped working this morning using several audio apps. It is still working for calls, the ringtone is still working, as is the alarm. There was no clear reason why it stopped, it just did so suddenly.

I have done a hardware test and the speaker is still working, so I cannot work out why it will not work for the apps. I have restarted several times and cleared the cache on the apps, but still no luck.

Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to provide.

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Not sure if you already checked: The speaker volume can be differentiated depending of use – you describe it still plays all kinds of alerts, but I guess what you cannot make it play anymore is music, voice etc.? I think when you press the volume button(s), there should be a little symbol (a < perhaps?) that allows you to “fine tune” the volume according to kinds of “output”. Have you already done that?


This menu can also be found in Settings->Sound


Thanks very much for your quick response. Even when I put the media volume up to maximum, there is still no sound, I’ve tried playing around with these settings, but still no change, unfortunately

Well, I’m not sure anyone can still come up with other ideas as you already did quite a couple of sensible steps. What I found interesting in the Troubleshooter is that it eventually asks if you have had charging issues, too – as the speaker module is connected to the core module only through the bottom module (which includes the USB-C port). Still not exactly consistent with the “some sounds work, some don’t” pattern. :thinking:

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Did you use a headphone before? Maybe the sound is still locked on the output jack. Try to reconnect a headphone and test with it.


Thanks again for your suggestions. The sound has all of a sudden started working again…not sure what happened - one of those quirks of FP I guess…hopefully it will stick around


Sound never works after I disconnect a bluetooth headset. Ringtones work but I don’t hear anything. If I rudely hangup on the caller and call back everything is fine again.

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